Intimidatingly a word

It can be slightly above freezing at some pockets and still snow as long as they aren't substantially above the freezing mark and stay above it for very long, or else the snowflakes will melt.

If supercooled water droplets freeze onto falling snowflakes, you get what's called "graupel." When this happens, the snow crystal loses it's identifiable six-sided shape and instead becomes a clump of snow and ice.

I think that works as it stands, successfully incorporating both aspects of awe.

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Some find it an intimidatingly long word, but it simply means any particle of water (be it liquid or solid) that originates in the atmosphere and falls to the ground.

In meteorology, an even fancier term that means the same thing is Rain is comprised of liquid water droplets, known as raindrops.

I agree with "terrific" more than "awesome" actually.

And especially if we are mentioning about a natural disaster.

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