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Please correct me if I get any of this wrong, preferably with the link to the page where it’s confirmed.)ALSO! All things considered, there are probably a bunch of different timelines where things turned out different than this, and different characters became closer than the ones here did. Rose: Kanaya and Rose are dating- though I’m unsure if they use the term ‘matesprits’ to describe themselves or not.

John: John did not seem to have any particular romantic interests, although he didn’t seem particularly upset about the idea of marrying Rose when the subject was brought up. Rose wanted to be an auspistice between Terezi and Gamzee, though it didn’t work out in the end. Dave: His sprite version (Davesprite) was dating Jade at some point, although he broke it off.

Nothing specific though, but toally open to more friends.

Now that she’s mind controlled, she is kind of forcing him to be her husband? But they do still seem to like each other, if only as friends.It was implied before this that Dave may have romantic feelings toward her, though they were never pursed by Alpha Dave.Terezi and Dave were dating (most likely considered to be flushed by Terezi, though Dave didn’t seem to be putting quadrants into it.) They broke up because Terezi was dating Gamzee, and he couldn’t really deal with troll quadrants.Okay, well, I’ll go through the people/relationships we know about, and how they ended up.(Note: I may get some relationships wrong, as I specify what I feel it’s like if I don’t recall any specific mention of what quadrant they’re in.

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