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i could date the girls b4, but after i updated the game, it was crashed, i need to reinstall it but i became E list again, well i was #1 A-list before . You can only date people that you flirted with when you met them the very first time, but the *** of the other person is not relevant for dating.

Oh, yeah, you can definitely date both sexes in this game.

The pair - who exchanged flirty messages for a full two years before hooking-up - were none the wiser to the fact they shared the same mother..were in fact closer than either of them could ever have imagined.

Speaking before he revealed the results to the pair, Kyle said: 'You are having a physical sexual relationship with a man that you love and want to marry and at some point somebody might tell you that he could be your half-brother.

While a male character can still only end up with a woman, players can change his look using the specifically female style options.

We feel like our game basically levels the playing field for our community.Happy, lasting relationships are always based on genuine compatibility, so gay dating with Elite Singles is all about being connected with the right man for you.Maybe you love the outdoors and would like an LGBT partner with an adventurous spirit?My character is female, and I was almost engaged to a girl once, except I was busy and missed a date and she broke up with me because I didn't have enough stars to charm her into staying. I flirted with anyone who wasn't an actor who had that option, regardless of their gender (I wanted to keep actors as business associates, if possible).I think it's nice that this game gives you that option, if you choose to use it.

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