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EDIT: I'd be willing to bet this is widespread now, though for me it's just not a big deal. We are aware of the problem and appreciate your patience while we implement a lot of good that chat support was.Disappointing but my reaction is just curiosity as to its cause, not anger. 'Craig' appeared said the following then disconnected: Craig: I can see here you are having trouble with your Achievements, nothing to worry about, we have been working on it and we have resolved the issue your points will be back in no time, when closing your chat press the Black X in the corner, thank you for your patience. Sometime or another, all Xbox users have yearned to get their gamerscore to unimaginable thresholds—for bragging and egotistical purposes. However, I also don't want to mod my gamerscore, because it's just unfair and not as much fun as doing it the honest way.

Clubs will also get a dedicated area for communal clip sharing, a dedicated chat room, Looking For Group ads, and a "Who's online? Not only can you associate Clubs with specific activities, but you can link them to any game within Xbox Live's database.Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft.It was first made available to the Xbox system in November 2002.This update also contains new features for the Gamerscore Leaderboard, rare achievements, group messaging, and Clubs are a brand new way for gamers to connect on Xbox Live, whether they're on a Windows 10 PC or Xbox One.Via the Club section in the Community tab on your console or via the Club section in the various Xbox apps, you can search for all sorts of Clubs based on the tags associated with the Club in question.

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