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Priceless sets from Erin Judge, Rye Silverman, Kelsie Huff and Emmett Montgomery.

The Garmin Dash Cam 35 (9.99) is a compact device with a 3-inch LCD that captures footage on the road, so you can record time and location of incidents for insurance or liability reasons.

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A Los Angeles police officer wear an Axon body camera during the Immigrants Make America Great March to protest actions being taken by the Trump administration on February 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, Calif. It's only for a year, but Axon is hoping the new push will get more police departments on board with the technology.'s Jeremy Hobson speaks with Steve Tuttle, one of the founding members of the company, and Elizabeth Joh (@elizabeth_joh), a law professor at the University of California, Davis, who has concerns about Axon's offer.

Despite including GPS, the cam doesn't provide navigation.

Performers may engage in sex as part of their roles—they presumably follow a script—but that doesn't count as sex for hire.

Like most of Garmin's devices, the Dash Cam 35 can be easily attached to your windshield, and its small size means it's relatively easy to find a spot that doesn't block your view.

Once you power up the device, it walks you through a quick setup in which it acquires satellites in order to determine your location, as well as the time and date.

Colb.) Free-speech advocates argue that this ought to hold true for "gonzo" films, in which the person behind the camera also joins in on the action; no significant cases have gone to court, however.

Compared with sexually explicit media, though, live sex shows have received less protection.

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