Foreign service officer dating big fish in the sea dating site

While I am eager to take on this rare and adventurous opportunity, I do have some concerns…

A major one of which is that I am in my early 20’s, single and female.

The best you can hope for is that your siblings send their kids to live with 'Crazy Aunt [Your-name-here]' for the summers.

Foreign Service Officers are the core of our overseas mission staffing, working alongside locally hired and contracted personnel.

I know enough female FSOs who have found husbands abroad to dispel that myth.

But I think the Foreign Service lifestyle is harder for single women than for single men. I cannot tell you how many State Department post reports I’ve read where “great post for singles” meant “great post for single guys to pick up local girls in bars.” I’d be curious to know how many FSOs are single and compare that against the resources offered specifically for them.

” The short answer is, “It’s not for everyone.” There’s a joke in the Foreign Service that goes like this: If you want to know where a male FSO’s first overseas post was, look at his wife.

If you want to know where a female FSO’s first overseas post was, look at her furniture.

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  1. My fling had no interest in being a Dad and not having this baby was not remotely an option for me as I approached the age of 35 and felt that good old biological clock thumping, not ticking, away.