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To make matters worse, many international credit or debit cards are issued under dual banking systems.China Construction Bank issues a joint China Union Pay and Japan Credit Bureau card under IIN 356895, generally classified as a JCB account number.Could any one give the code in C# to validate the credit card number,cvv code and expiary date?No pure software solution can identify all credit card numbers with perfect accuracy. No algorithm, no matter how sophisticated, can do it.The same bank issues a joint China Union Pay and Discover Network card under IIN 622286, which falls into the Union Pay network.The Bank of Beijing issues a dual VISA Union Pay debit card under IIN 602969, a bucket not belonging to any of the major financial networks.

You'll begin by adding some validation logic to the attribute lets you set the maximum length of a string property, and optionally its minimum length.Most checks are pretty straighforward, but there are some additional options that are explained below.This tutorial will teach you the basics of building an ASP.Step 3: The total obtained in Step 2 must be a number ending in zero (30, 40, 50, etc.) for the account number to be validated. They provide all the methods in the sample code except validate the customer credit card information.

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