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Technology has shifted the balance of power in favor of the students, who can go home and ruin their teacher’s reputation very easily by using social media, texting and instant messaging.They may spread rumors to their school friends and others about the teacher.If they write a question on one side of each card and an answer on the other side, they can use their cards as flash cards for group or individual study.Answering questions and then checking to see if the answer is right is a great way to memorize information.In spite of the increasing trend to place students in the least restrictive educational environment, the continuum of alternative education options is still legally available to students with disabilities (Yell, 1998).One educational option that receives scant attention in the literature is homebound instruction.Building Your Confidence Being Assertive Overcoming the Intimidation Community Q&A Exuding confidence can be difficult, especially when speaking to someone who intimidates you.Perhaps your boss can be frightening at times or maybe you have a classmate who is overbearing.

The tips and techniques described in this article are ones that help my students develop good study skills and do well in biology tests and exams.

This is especially true if the course includes lots of lab experiments, field trips, and multimedia presentations. There are many facts to memorize, especially in the senior years.

Students are sometimes surprised to discover that they also have to analyze and interpret data, use reasoning skills, and apply previously learned knowledge to new situations.

Whoever is at the source, you can learn to speak with confidence by working on boosting your self esteem, being assertive, and overcoming your feelings of intimidation.

Fifty years ago students who acted out in class might be made to wear a dunce’s cap or even be beaten.

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