Dating skookum dolls

A matched pair of glass eyed swivel neck boy & girl in provincial clothing, however girl is lacking legs. Mauve shading above the eyes further adds to this bebe’s appeal, a closed mouth with slight separation between the lips, and pierced ears. Lovely pressed bisque head incised at the base of the neck “2/0” with large blue threaded eyes with an almond shaped eye cut.

Mary Dwyer had worked as a schoolteacher before marrying Frank E. Her husband died of tuberculosis four years later, in 1913.Jemez Pueblo is located fifty miles northwest of Albuquerque and dates back to 1703.The pottery varies widely, depending upon the potter.In the1940s to early 1950s the paper identification tags were often affixed to the bottom of the dolls feet, labels or tags read in an oval circle; Trademark Registered, Patented, inside circle, Skookum (Bully Good) Indian U. Arrow Novelty also made dolls of cloth, composition, hard plastic and vinyl.

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Juanita Fragua is known for her melon styles pots, but she creates other styles, as well.

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