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The most awkward sexual moment in my adult life took place in Disney World, right on Main Street, Magic Kingdom where I worked as a “cast-member” in the Walt Disney World College Program.

I took a semester at Virginia Tech to study abroad, in the happiest place on Earth.

Not registering their faces, I just proceeded to go about my cash register typing. Not having any plans and always looking to make new friends, I just mindlessly blurted that out, “ Nothing! Don’t think I’m going to party tonight though.” “ Well, we’re on vacation and we were looking for someone to party and swing with,” she responded. There’s a place on Disney’s Boardwalk that has all kinds of ballroom dancing.” They both chuckled at my naivety as I nonchalantly rang them up for their souvenir photo. "No, we like want to HANG OUT with you,” she reiterated, emphasizing the "hang out" to imply they’re not talking about sneaking in and playing beer pong at the Disney dorms.

After catching them eye-raping me a few more times as they patiently waited in line, I felt kind of awkward when they reached the counter. The girl wrote her number on her receipt and handed it back to me.

: Yunjaemin Family, Changkyumin friendship/Meskipun mereka sudah tidak bersama lagi, umma pasti masih menyayangi appa, seperti appa yang masih menyayangi umma, ne? (JYJ - In Heaven):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Departures © Kiriya Diciannove::::::::::::::::: Chapter 1 – Still in Love Sungguh beruntung, hari ini sekolah dipulangkan dengan cepat dikarenakan ada rapat guru.

/Mereka masih saling mencintai./AU, typo, OOC, Genderswitch, Sho-ai. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I'm going to leave now Don't leave I'm going to come back so…Liar, liar No- don't you know how much I love you? Murid di kelas Changmin segera berhamburan berebut keluar dari kelas, Changmin sendiri keluar yang paling akhir, dia berjalan dengan gontai, tidak memperdulikan teman-temannya yang keluar kelas dengan senang dan bersemangat.

Yoochun sendiri masih berstatus sebagai siswa kelas 3 SMA, padahal Yoochun sudah menikah dan berusia 21 tahun.

just wanna ask why is it that his most recent drama played before him going to his military training was never added into his list of drama completed... Author of web-based novel wrote story: cartoon protagonist hav major resemblance with Yunho and now it's made into drama and Yunho is the leading actor playin' that main's like this drama is meant for him . He's the cream of the crop when it comes to selling power in Japan.

super impressive dancing machine good singer his self composed songs thumbs up Vry excited for his new web drama comin' out in June next month. I'm so excited :-D He is really one of the greatest dancing machines ever. His self written and self composed songs are awesome! His acting has really improved and he's a good actor in journal of the night watchman.

Yoochun sangat tidak setuju jika istrinya mengajar di sekolahnya, karena itu bisa membahayakan status mereka yang sudah menikah.

Tapi Soohyun bersikeras tetap mengajar di tempat suaminya itu bersekolah.

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In un primo momento non gli piace Hyun Jin, perch vuole essere coinvolto nei suoi problemi, tuttavia lei, diventa importante per lui.

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