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News of the probe comes after Republican Sen John Mc Cain and Democratic Sen Chuck Schumer issued a statement calling for a bipartisan investigation into the reports.

"When a foreign power tries to influence our election or damage our economy, for that matter, this is serious," Mr Schumer told CBS.

Not having done any traveling, he enjoys living within the comforts of what he knows, basically that being what is purely British.

As such, his friends, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, decide to send Karl to various parts of the world to experience unfamiliar cultures.

The Sims 3 Romance, Dating, Proposing Marriage, and Having.

A guide to finding love in The Sims dating on demand idiot videos.

It's now time to move on and 'Make America Great Again'." Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell told reporters that Congress will launch a probe into the CIA assessment, and broke with Mr Trump on his support for the US intelligence.

Dating coach, David Wygant is my fabulous guest for this edition of the Sixty and Me Show. Then be confident in your beauty and unique character and embrace every situation as a possible opportunity to spark a loving relationship.With a Coles manager coming under fire for asking staff to work on a Sunday in exchange for the joy of ‘appreciation’ (and also pizza) Comedian Lucy Valentine addresses the age old question: why won’t these entitled idiot children do labour without insisting you pay them?I am so sick of this entitled generation of sensitive youths who think they should get ‘participation trophies’ and be ‘appropriately remunerated for the labour I demand of them.’ I know it is a big ask to expect staff to spend their Sundays doing shit for me and getting paid absolutely zero dollars in return, but there’ll be a shithouse Domino’s meatlovers in it for you, if you play your cards right. I know you’d like to break into the housing market, or just be able to afford your rent, but I would really appreciate if you would accept payment in the form of one of the following: pizza, exposure, pancake parlour coupons that expire next Tuesday or access to my Netflix account but only between 8am-5pm when I’m not using it because I only pay for one device.I'd never heard of Karl Pilkington, but within minutes of watching the first episode I was crying with laughter.Karl's view of the world is so honest and uneffected that he says what the rest of us are thinking most of the time.

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