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Turns out, Valentine's Day on the cheap is all about doing what is necessary to stay out of trouble.

This concept baffles me: A holiday purportedly meant to show love instead saturated with the threat of chastisement?

If you can’t get there from here, you can’t get there. Kim Bridgford, founder and director of the poetry and arts nonprofit Poetry by the Sea, says her organization is collaborating with Amtrak and 30 Street Station “to bring art and poetry to the public space, in one of America's iconic locations.” Cutcher’s brave show is the second in a series that began with violinist Sylvia Ahramjian. “You know, January is not a busy month for musicians, and Kim kept asking me, so I said, ‘Sure, sounds like fun.’ ” Street Station?

More than 16,000 people a day shuffle, mosey, and sprint through its cavernous passenger concourse — so cavernous that the frequent announcements of Amtrak trains coming and going spiral up, up, up into the booming resonance. Cutcher will fill the immense chamber with a heavenly noise from 11 a.m. Will the harp be audible in the rising, ringing hugger-mugger of shuffling feet, rolling suitcases, and resounding, pounding announcements?

66% say they’ve been excluded from social or networking opportunities because of gender.

The Bier Baron is known for its vast beer selection and sinfully delicious menu.

Among others, joining the dynamic duo will be the impeccable Dainty Dandridge of Chocolate City Bulesque and Cabaret. VIP tickets are already sold out and general admission is sure to go just as fast.

As far as Google searches go, "cheap ways to spend Valentine's Day" seemed like an innocuous one ...

After a recent trip to Puerto Rico more or less cleaned us out, my boyfriend and I decided to limit our discretionary income during the following month to a week.

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