Dating an orogeny

Microstructural characterization of rock fabrics across the belt reveals different mechanisms of strain partitioning and heterogenous deformation of different lithologies.

Samples CA-40 and CA-34 yielded U weighted mean ages of 652 ± 6 Ma and 636 ± 3 Ma, respectively, which are interpreted as dating emplacement and crystallization of the magmatic protoliths.Orogenic belts are associated with subduction zones, which consume crust, produce volcanoes, and build island arcs.The arcuate structure is attributed to the rigidity of the descending plate, and island arc cusps are related to tears in the descending lithosphere.It may also refer to a specific episode of orogeny during the geologic past.Even though tall mountain peaks from ancient orogenies may erode away, the exposed roots of those ancient mountains show the same orogenic structures that are detected beneath modern mountain ranges.

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