Dating after homecoming

Every girl deserves their one night when they get treated like a princess.

Homecoming is supposed to be the most important event of high school, so here are some tips and guidelines on how to get the perfect all together look!

I had ambitions that didn’t include an unplanned pregnancy.

Teens like Bristol Palin, Jamie Lynn Spears and all of the stars on MTV’s Teen Mom prove my mom’s argument had substance.

There was no Skype, phone calls were scarce, and we were all terrified because this was so new to everyone and we had no idea what to expect. They can be called upon at a moments notice to take care of the most impossible situations if they arise.

So when the time finally came, I thought, “Thank goodness this horrible experience is over and we can get back to our normal lives.” The things I didn’t realize about homecoming, that no one told me… There are some really important ones though, and ones that I really wish I knew before he stepped off that bus and into my arms. But for some reason, no unit that has ever returned home in the history of deployments…

Yet prom can be a romantic night for a gentleman to spend with his special lady, and knowing how to plan for the prom, get ready for the big date, and how to wrap up the evening as a gentleman can help guys approach prom with confidence.

Unfortunately, most of the prom advice out there is about choosing the best hairstyle, prom dress, and makeup for the big night - not exactly tips for guys.

The amazing moment he popped the question to himself was filmed and shared on You Tube, which has been seen over 1,000 times so far.

In the clip, which was filmed on Thursday, he is blindfolded as a female pal is seen leading him into the cafeteria of his school.

As he is placed in the centre of the room, banners with ‘Laurence’ and ‘homecoming?

’ are rolled down the side of the wall while students throw balloons.

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