Dating a deaf person

It's a real turn on when a man knows his limitations and accepts them with dignity. You may think you would because of the position you are in now, but in reality, unlikely So what are you saying?Thing is, why would you expect a woman to date a deaf guy? That he should stick to his "own kind" or just give up trying to find women to date....

If my children date Hearies that means I may end up disempowered -- stuck with the challenge of trying to have conversations with Hearing people.If you can find a place with a nice quiet environment, that’s well lit, there’s a much better chance that your date will be a success. Avoid the Urge to Yell or Over Pronunciate If you’ve ever seen a well-meaning non-hearing-impaired person attempting to talk to a deaf or hearing-impaired person for the first time you’ll notice they often start yelling or use over pronunciation – what on earth is that all about?If someone’s deaf all the yelling in the world isn’t going to make them here you any better and even if they can hear a little bit, chances are that they are still relying on their own lip reading abilities to some extent.If you have normal hearing, but your considering dating someone that’s either deaf or hearing-impaired it’s probably a good idea to know how to communicate with them and understand the challenges they face in everyday life.Being deaf is not a disease and it is not something that is contagious – it’s just something that people are generally born with that they have to learn to live with.

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