Dana tyler still dating phil collins

Although, it doesn’t sound like Phil really cares that he gets reimbursed.

He could live on residuals from “In the Air Tonight” alone.

n a rehearsal hall somewhere in Switzerland, Phil Collins is belting out some tunes in front of an 18-piece band, getting ready to go on a small tour to support a new album.

He looks happy, snapping his fingers, bopping his head.

"There goes the absent-minded professor," joked a student.

The eminent teacher stopped and turned to the students.

A copy of his new album, Going Back, with the sleeve photograph of a fresh-faced Collins, aged 13, playing drums, prompts a trip down memory lane.

He began his love affair with the instrument when he was six and given a kit hand-made by his uncle but he never dreamed he would become, through his tenure with Genesis, one of the world’s top drummers.

As a solo artist, he has sold 150 million records, which puts him right up there with the all-time greats.

At a press conference for his upcoming “Not Dead Yet” European tour, Phil admitted that he reunited with wife #3 after being divorced for 8 years.

Upon their divorce in 2008, he paid Orianne a nearly .5 million settlement. Phil got back together with his now 43-year-old estranged wife, and mother to sons Nicholas, 15, and Matthew, 11 earlier this year – and admitted he never got back any of the money he gave her.

It's all Motown — upbeat stuff like "Dancing in the Street," "Going to a Go-Go" and "Heat Wave." He's not playing the drums, and not a song of his own passes his lips.

There's no "In the Air Tonight," no "Sussudio," no "One More Night," nothing from his Genesis days — none of the hits that turned him into one of the most loved and then most unfairly and inexplicably vilified men in rock & roll.

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