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NSA/CSS's Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSf C) Program has been established to enable commercial products to be used in layered solutions protecting classified NSS data.

Business-to-business software marketer CA Technologies is launching a new global ad campaign today called "App Culture," showing how software is powering everything from love to shopping to health.

The multi-million dollar campaign was created by John Mc Neil Studio, Berkeley, Calif. It breaks with three TV spots beginning today, and also includes a sponsorship with the Trek racing team to demonstrate how its technology can improve performance, both in sports and in business.

It is founded on the principle that properly configured, layered solutions can provide adequate protection of classified data in a variety of different applications.

NSA has developed, approved and published solution-level specifications called Capability Packages (CPs), and works with Technical Communities from across industry, governments, and academia to develop and publish product-level requirements in US Government Protection Profiles (PPs). Government customers increasingly require immediate use of the market's most modern commercial hardware and software technologies within National Security Systems (NSS) in order to achieve mission objectives.

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