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Her immense charm and spirit makes her one of the most beloved characters in Hollywood and her fan following is immense.Total Net Worth :- million (in 2017 as per Forbes) : Cobie Smulders was marry with Taran Killam in 2012 If you are a fan of the “How I Met Your Mother” series then you certainly have had a crush on the super cute robin played by Cobie Smulders so how did she get the iconic role and what did she get from it aside the tremendous love of a million hearts, let’s find out.Cobie Smulders Net Worth – Cobie Smulders is the young dashing lady who stole our heart in the hit series “How I Met Your Mother” and went on to earn her place in Hollywood making a net worth of Million.She is the actress currently in demand and is just about to reach the heights of superstars like Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz but she is not there yet.

" data-reactid="31"VIEW THE PHOTOS: From On-Set Romance To Real-Life Love: Hollywood’s Hottest Co-Star Couples!Longtime loves Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders have finally made it official. The newlyweds began dating eight years ago, according to the site, and have a three-year-old daughter, Shaelyn Cado.The couple, who has been engaged for three years, married at the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort in Solvang, Calif. Aside from being a former pop star though, Smulders' character is also the show's consummate bachelorette who just this season won the heart of Neil Patrick Harris' comically machismo bachelor. The writers are really spacing out her appearances. Your show gets so many great guest stars -- from Britney Spears to Peter Bogdanovich. She was with us for what, seven episodes or something like that?As 's fifth season winds down, Cobie Smulders caught Movieline up on her character's lost variety show with Alan Thicke, the scenes she hated filming this season and her favorite guest star to date. They dropped the idea of Robin having a variety show too. Earlier this season (in the episode "The Rough Patch") Alan Thicke revealed that he and Robin co-starred in a Canadian variety show together and then Barney ran off to try to find the footage but -- [The writers] never made anything of it, so I am hoping that when we come back for season six that we will get some crazy variety show with Alan Thicke. So it was nice to have someone actually there for a good chunk of time and allow her character to develop and all that stuff.

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