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He read English language and literature as an undergraduate at Yantai Normal University (now Ludong University), China, from 1978 to 1982. In 1992, he came to Cambridge, where he has been teaching Chinese language and linguistics, directing the modern Chinese language program as well as supervising graduate students in developmental Chinese linguistics.

Then he taught English as a foreign language at universities in China and on the China Central Television. He also provides services for international academic journals and organizations, which include being the vice President (2005-2008) and executive member (2008-present) of the Executive Committee of The International Society for Chinese Language Teaching Empirical studies of developmental and synchronic aspects of second language acquisition; linguistic approaches to non-native Chinese grammars; second language acquisition theory; formal linguistics; syntax and semantics.

Another idea is that the broad blockings of contrasting color may serve to camouflage the panda in the bamboo or treetops.

Anyone who's tried to spot one of our panda cubs up in the tree napping can verify how difficult that can be!

In 1986, he entered Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, and did postgraduate studies in Applied Linguistics. He has supervised undergraduate and graduate dissertations on Chinese linguistics and second language acquisition.

Viewers can watch the pandas at the base in southwestern Sichuan province, part of their native domicile, via 28 cameras planted in five areas that will feed six channels: “garden for adult pandas,” “kindergarten,” “nursery for twins,” “mother-and-child playground,” “No.1 Villa” and “featured.” In keeping with the bears’ famously laid-back characteristics, the broadcasts have an addictively soporific feel to them, based on China Real Time Report’s viewing of several clips the base posted as sneak peeks.

This unique bear has long been revered by the Chinese and can be found in Chinese art dating back thousands of years.

The Chinese call their beloved pandas large bear-cats.

For instance, the herb “Ma Huang” (Ephedra) is traditionally used in China to treat respiratory congestion.

In the United States, the herb was marketed as a dietary aid, whose over dosage led to at least a dozen deaths, heart attacks and strokes.

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