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If you’re interested in understanding dating dynamics, making healthier relationship decisions, and carrying yourself with greater confidence, this bibliography is a great starting point.

Evelyn lives in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoys birding by the Puget Sound, working on her Fiat 500, and spending time with other people's dogs and children. Find out how to make the right move and when to do it, and turn your summer loving into a long-term romance.

She recently relocated from New York City, where her work appeared in Summer is the perfect time for having fun and expanding your horizons, a great combination for meeting new people and going on dates. In Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari combines his irreverent humor with cutting-edge social science to give us an unforgettable tour of our new romantic world.

All of these books have helped shape the advice that I give to you on a regular basis.

My first book, written while I was working in customer care at JDate in 2002.

A very heated discussion started on the forum yesterday about women and power.

39% of the people you meet are discordant with you. 19% of the people you meet will have a harmony score of 45 or higher and 10.5% of the people you meet will have a harmony score of 60 or higher.

So what sense does it make to be with someone with whom you are discordant when you have a good chance of finding someone whose vibratory rate is harmonious to your own? And you could have a harmony score of 100 with someone and still not be able to live with them happily ever after. Because people choose to live on many different levels, and if the level you have chosen to live on is too far different than the level your partner has decided to live on, well, then there will be problems at some time or another.

Bethenny is good at many things—being an entrepreneur, mom, and TV star—but when it comes to relationships, she is the first to admit that she has had many failures.

The good news is, in working through the mistakes, she has already learned many things about what she doesn’t want, that she won’t accept, and that she shouldn’t settle for.

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BUT, doesn't it make sense to avoid and weed out the 39% of the people with whom you are discordant and not waste time, energy, and money on them?

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  1. Finding the right date in Australia is mostly dependent on the place where you came from. Don’t give up on someone just because your first few smiles and winks didn’t work. You have to be persistent, work your ass or you will be single forever.

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