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Top of Page If you copy information between Excel or any program that supports OLE, such as Word, you can copy the information as either a linked object or an embedded object. Top of Page If you want the information in your destination file to be updated when the data in the source file changes, use linked objects.The main differences between linked objects and embedded objects are where the data is stored and how the object is updated after you place it in the destination file. With a linked object, the original information remains stored in the source file. Taking into account individual lifestyles, requirements & your budget are fundamental to providing the exactly tailored design to suit you & your families needs.Aus Design has a vast experience in this field to ensure a smooth flow through to obtaining Building Approval for your new home, extension or commercial project.'No matter what style or size project, we can convert your ideas into a detailed design concept to suit your lifestyle, budget and individual requirements and from there, produce fully documented working drawings of your design ready for lodgement with your local building authority'. The Floor Plan Database contains a variety of designs and layouts, that can be used as a starting point for ideas for your own individual design. Your lifestyle, whether it tends to formal entertaining or to casual outdoor barbeques, your hobbies and interests and whether you may be just starting a family or at the retiring stage of your life, will dictate your personal requirements and preferences.The Aus Design website currently contains approximately 60 pages including information and articles with topics ranging from 'Selecting a Builder' through to 'Soil Tests'. The standard designs listed can be modified by us to suit your needs or taken to your preferred Building Designer for modification. In conjunction with our design service we provide full documentation & lodgement of any Planning Application that may be required, triggered by the type of construction that you are looking to do or by 'Overlays' on your particular site.

We are unable to offer a Certificate of Completion because it is an ever-evolving course that is not designed to be completed.

OLE is supported by many different programs, and OLE is used to make content that is created in one program available in another program.

For example, you can insert an Office Word document in an Office Excel workbook.

If you have a hardcopy and need to draw it in Auto CAD, there is no faster way than to scan it, insert the image and trace right over it.

I have converted thousands of drawings for my clients and this is the best method for doing so.

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