Are jaja and pacman dating

The moment the characters get into their cars, it is clear that death has other intentions for them as Jaja and Pacman represent these spirits of death and provide a haunting performance that almost makes you to text and drive to see the dancers yourself (Spoiler alert, that won’t happen).The choreography implements “strobing” which is a series of dime-stops used in quick succession.

(born 21 March 1992 in Děčín, Czech Republic), better known by her nickname Jaja, is a Czech dancer and choreographer.

Despite her beauty, she is also rather courageous and surprisingly capable in a fight.

She helps Pac in his fight with the Ghosts in any way she can.

Vaňková started dancing at age 14, doing freestyle dancing and battling, then later began teaching choreography.

Vaňková's dance career began in 2006 with the dance crew Out of Bounds, where she learned to dance hip hop, and as an individual, learned popping and locking techniques, among other styles.

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