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(sorry) but @Svish - a LOT of people / computers e.g.

My UK laptop died two days before trip to USA, I'm a web dev, so I needed a new one the day I landed.

I mean we hear cell-phones ringing every khutbah, prayer and lecture. So for example instead of saying “Hey honey, I’m going to buy some Tacos” you say “Hey honey, insh Allah I’m going to buy some tacos.” Even if you’re like “YEAH! The above looks like my cat jumped on the keyboard. They like to throw random numbers in all their words. Let’s compare and show those silly Arabs that Ain IS NOT a 3.

While it lets you chat with your friends like you normally would, its main feature allows you to start a conversation with any other user at random. Basically if you’re feeling lazy and wish to throw a lot of Z’s in your Salam then feel free to look like an idiot. Some people like to actually say AA how its pronounced. Sometimes you might be busy doing other things or for some odd reason you leave your Messenger on, stare at the screen but don’t feel like talking. Sometimes the shortened salams can leave a big hint. In Arabic we say “Jazakallah” instead thanks which means “May God grant you what is good” and in response most people say “Wayakum” which is like “Your welcome” I’m assuming. Now some people like to get quite conservative when it comes to this. Sometimes the guy likes to get a little fancy and write the WHOLE THING OUT. Even things like mash Allah (all praise is due to Allah) gets a bit weird in the cyber world. We’re weird people that are too lazy to write big words and too dumb to know that numbers don’t belong inside words.This is another one of those frequently asked questions that we get emailed to our inbox.Fortunately, the answer is quite simple and straightforward.

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