An unexpected error has occured while updating required files

To resolve this, either reduce the load on the machine or adjust the value of min Free Memory Percentage To Activate Service on the service Hosting Environment config element.

When I try to create a ray trace, I receive one of the following error messages: "An unexpected error occurred while ray tracing." or "Unable to open ray tracing engine – ray tracing disabled for this session." What does this error mean, and how can I resolve the error so that I can continue ray tracing?

Nota bene: At this stage VS 2015 greyed out the Android SDK manager buttons, even after a restart.You can then copy the items with Sharegate and, once the copy is over, go back in Share Point to set the workflow settings to their original values.If you have event listeners that modify new and updated items, these will also need to be disabled during the copy.-- that doesn't seem to be the behavior at all with the latest "Blank Xaml App (Xamarin. I got frustrated with the Forms templates because they were including projects for Microsoft devices (and a lot of other fluff) that wouldn't build. Any way to fix this so that I can open this on my VS 2015?I'll be exploring Forms as soon as I can afford to set up an Apple dev environment, but I've been just targeting Android right now--I must confess I am very new to Xamarin by the wayman. Also, Intalling xamarin is a pain in the neck, this is my second day just trying to make an error/warning free project.

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