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Tru TV has ordered an untitled comedy series from comedian Amy Sedaris, the cable channel announced Saturday.

The series will be a mash-up of the hospitality, variety and talk show formats. It will be terrific to get it on TV so I can free up some wiggle room up in my skull,” said Sedaris.

Amy Sedaris, star of "Strangers With Candy" and author of "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence," took your questions about her life, career, being a good host and anything else that comes to mind. Amy Sedaris: With Letterman, a lot of it is off the cuff, because you don't know what he's going to ask you. Do you point it out or assume that it's part of his act? But I dont usually decide until one or two days before the holiday. C.: Amy, what person are you dying to meet and why?

But before I make this decision I need an important query answered regarding this alleged poster mentioned on your Web site. They certainly hated and ridiculed her for other reasons, but not her age. The photographs of you in the book are so seriously staged and filled with such incredible nuanced detail that I have to ask you -- how does staging those photographs for comic effect relate to other kinds of physical comedy?We had a character in the book that was similar to Jerri Blank.So whatever would make us laugh we would write down and put in a file labeled 'Jerri Blank.' By the end of the book there was a lot of stuff in the file and Paul thought we should write a movie. What I like about being on Letterman is that I never have anything to promote, you know what I mean?Dinello has made at least five appearances on The Colbert Report, including a tumbling act with Colbert and their Strangers costar Sedaris in July 2006.Dinello was also a writer, producer and director for the Strangers with Candy film, which was released in July 2006.

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