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She performed the Korean and English rap parts of the song, and was also featured in the song's music video. From October 2011 to April 2012, Amber was part of the reality-variety show, Invincible Youth.

She had to leave the show to prepare for her group's debut in Japan.

That's when, as an Amber fan, I realized that something has to be up..

- Henry and Amber were spotted by fans watching a romantic movie on Henry's birthday, just the two of them.

She said, "Jackson is also a player, especially because he is young.

Jackson is very open and curious about a lot of things.

He just uploaded pictures he took with me onto SNS and wrote, 'My girlfriend is here,' and things got crazy. I know SM is a good company, but I say this now, 'What did I do wrong? In Henry's Twitter post, in one picture, he purses his lips at Lee Kuk Ju as if going for a kiss and he had written, "Everyone... "She then said she wished this person would date and named Hyorin, saying that she seemed so tough at first, but wasn't as tough as she looked.

Lee Kuk Ju wants her to appear as a nice lady this year and perhaps start dating.

The timing of when they both wore it is similar as well.

; On the side note, I miss Star Golden Bell so much T.

T It was a good show when Nicole was in the small segment of guessing game, when Kahi, Sunny, Narsha, Gyuri, IU were the fixed casts. ; If the old overpaid geezers running KBS have any brains left, they should revive Star Golden Bell, and not just tease older fans of SGB with this 'special'.

"She likes hanging out with boys that she can have fun with and that's what Terrence is to her." AMBER ROSE, WIZ KHALIFA JUST FRIENDS DESPITE SPENDING TIME TOGETHER AFTER KANYE WEST FEUD Although they haven't gone public with their relationship, the pair has been doting on each other via social media.

Rose, 29, who was recently told by psychic Tyler Henry on his show "Hollywood Medium" that she should "keep in mind" a man with a certain letter name "T." On Monday, she tweeted back at him, "@tyhenrymedium I think I may have found my 'T'." Ross, 25, also posted a photo of himself with Rose on Instagram with the hashtag, "Woman crush Wednesday" Rose has a son Sebastian, 3, with Khalifa.

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