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Park attended Edmonds Woodway High School, where he spent most of his break and lunch times practicing dance with friends.Park's first mini album, Take a Deeper Look, released in 2011, went multi-platinum in South Korea. Whenever I see him in something else I see Pedro in my mind. Is that a turquoise bracelet on that guy's arm? I have always thought she looks much prettier now than she ever did when she was younger. I just want to go over to Marisa Tomei's house and see how messy it is. In any other day, Drew Carey and Bob Barker together on the Price Is Right stage would have received the top spot. Oh, and she wrote a book and that is what she is promoting. Kirsten Dunst looks healthy and good, and I hope she keeps it up. I haven't seen Paula Trickey since she was on The O. Apparently she doesn't want to be forgotten again anytime soon. When you are an Olympic athlete, that time for endorsements and popularity is narrow. Even more rare is a candid photo of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri outside. Shape and their monthly tribute to the world of airbrushing. Pete Wentz looks thrilled and probably has no idea who Audrina Patridge is. Philippine sports officials confirmed that at least 542 Filipino athletes will take part in 38 sports.

Second she looks amazing and finally, this was taken at a fashion event. I can't decide if Self or Shape is the worst offender, but I also doubt Jenny Mc Carthy needs as much as they probably gave her. A first time appearance for Rebecca Mader for all you Lost fans. No, actually they had all the celebrities who attend the gifting suite draw on a plate which will be auctioned off for charity. Anyway, here are some celebrities and their efforts. So, for the Kid's Choice Awards, Stouffers decided to give away free frozen lasagna. We are constantly searching for that artist who will break new boundaries and set new trends.For this, most music fans turn to the international underground scene of progressive indie rock and electronica just to get their fix of good music.

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Ang importante rito, they remain friends naman daw.

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