Adult k9 fun groups

You’ll enjoy lively narration and stories of Chicago's rich history as you take in the Willis Tower, Aon Center, John Hancock Building, Museum Campus, Marina City and more. Adults / Kids 5-15 / Under 5 ride free Glide along the Chicago River and Lakefront as you're dazzled by the sparkle of the city at night.

Enjoy breathtaking views of the dramatic skyscrapers and Buckingham Fountain's spectacular light display.

It’s also possible that they spent their entire young life in someone’s backyard, or even tied to a tree.

Even when we do have owner surrender information, it can be confusing, misreported or even an outright lie.

I’ve been doing various sorts of dog play groups for over ten years.

But conducting play groups in the shelter environment is a much more challenging prospect.

Then they’re perfect for our Puppy Starters program! Puppy program to teach our puppies basic manners and obedience – while not overwhelming your puppy or moving too quickly.

The skills in each level vary in the level of difficulty and distractions. We will enhance or add skills such as “Leave It” (so your dog leaves alone anything you say, including food), “Mat (or Bed)” (going to his bed and lying down and staying until you release), “Drop It” (drop anything that’s in his mouth), waiting patiently at an open door, and many more. Dogs entering this course must have completed Basic Obedience.More Info Have you graduated Puppy Starter or Foundations and are ready for more?In Focused Fidos, you’ll use your new knowledge and skills to teach your dog more manners, better behavior, and terrific tricks!Here’s an overview of some of the challenges I’ll be discussing: Challenge: No History – When you’re working with shelter dogs you often don’t have the luxury of finding out what the dog has experienced up until now.It’s possible that they’re well socialized, went to puppy classes, lived with other dogs or went to dog parks.

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