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"EYE0 - Received corrupted frame" and "WORLD - Received courrpted frame" are warnings in Pupil Capture on the screen all the time.

After recording with pupil capture i try to open the recording: pupil_player '/home/testing/recordings/2017_03_15/002' Player [INFO] player_methods : Updating meta info Player [INFO] main : Application Version: Player [INFO] main : System Info: User: testing, Platform: Linux, Machine: belin, Release: 4.4.0-66-generic, Version: #87-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 3 UTC 2017 Player [CRITICAL] libav.mjpeg : No JPEG data found in image Player [INFO] main : Session setting are from older version of this app. Traceback (most recent call last): File "main.py", line 625, in File "main.py", line 231, in session File "video_capture/file_backend.py", line 160, in run_func File "video_capture/file_backend.py", line 175, in frame_size Attribute Error: 'None Type' object has no attribute 'width' Failed to execute script main I will send you the recording via mail.

They yield Very High torque and horsepower numbers, not matched by any other cams at this time.

Our philosophy is basically the same that we used to achive two NHRA national records.

A taxi driver with a plate number UWB 666 was caught on cam nearly assaulting his passengers and it looks like one of the passenger, Joana Garcia has been traumatized by this event.

Paramount Products' Logistic Straps are strong, fast connect straps designed to secure any load inside trailers with Series A, E or F Track fitting requirements.

Best with medium-high tides and small, clean, wedgy swells. There is an extremely rocky point at the southern end, which is occasionally...

They invented the first continuous rod, truck-mounted power rodder for cleaning sewers, developed the use of closed-circuit television for sewer line inspections, and pioneered the internal sealing of leaking sewers using pressure chemical grouting.They can see behind, under, over, between and inside equipment and structures; look into service connections, pipes, holes, wells, walls, chimneys and tanks.Problems are quickly located and can be recorded on video tape or CD-ROM.IT’ S NOT HOW FAST YOU GO… BUT HOW QUICK YOU GET THERE!TORQUE, TORQUE and MORE TORQUE is the ONLY way to put you there quicker and to "Smoke the Competition!

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