4chan hacks christian dating site

Singer sent the letter via his law firm Lavely & Singer on behalf of a number of clients, who remain anonymous.

He further claims that he sent a notice to Google to delete the images in question four weeks previously, but that many still appear on Google-owned sites, such as You Tube and Blog Spot.

A dozen undisclosed female victims of the photo hacking scandal that saw hundreds of private and indecent images of celebrities shared online are threatening to sue Google for 0million for failing to delete them.

Famed entertainment lawyer Marty Singer – who has previously represented John Travolta, Charlie Sheen and more recently director Bryan Singer – has written to Google demanding that the company pay damages for “knowingly accommodating, facilitating, and perpetuating the unlawful conduct” of the 4Chan thieves.

Since the only thing different from person to person was the userid, people just changed the number to see other people's email and password information.

Someone made a bot to loop through the pages and captured 40758 username and passwords, then released it to the public. Myspace is mostly teens, php BB is a forum and is a christian dating site.

'My wife and I plan to move forward as normal with our vlog, as we will not allow Satan any foothold in our lives.This is just one instance of my fallen self, one example of my imperfection and my fleshly desires.'I will let you down, your friends and family will let you down, and yourself will let you down, just as I have let myself and family down.A second wave of naked pictures, thought to depict female stars including Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, emerged online just a week previously.The actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Aubrey Plaza, designer and former child star Mary-Kate Olsen, and US soccer player Hope Solo are reportedly among those vicitimised.

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