2142 leaderboard not updating

However in my developer console, there are no scores. SCOPE_GAMES).build();m Google Api Client.connect();thanksandroid google-play-games leaderboard | this questionasked Sep 27 '15 at user384012433 I think the code looks OK.

And my app crashes if i try and retrieve the leaderboard. Can you post the log of the crash when you try to show the leaderboard?

Another thread solved the problem by modifying a file on the game folder, but that seems to not be working. As shown by Geniuskid in thread https://bl2142.co/post.php?

I've set it up in the developer console and taken the ID etc and used it in my app. Leaderboards.submit Score Immediate(m Google Api Client,get Application Context()String(R.string.

Score Board), Submit Time)Result Callback(new my Leader Board Submit Score Callback());andclass my Leader Board Submit Score Callback implements Result Callback My app toasts "worked", as it should.

Is there another way to check my stats online, without accessing the game? id=33914 stats are not going up at the moment, and should update soon.

Just to see if Revive servers are getting my score right.

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